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Equipment List

Fast Finish has made substantial investments in new equipment over the last few years. Furthermore, we are committed to improving the capability and efficiency of our operation in the future by adding to our already impressive plant list.



  • SEI PL1531 Laser with Rofin Head

  • ULTRABENDER PRO Rule Bending Machine 2019 Model

  • ULTRABENDER PRO Rule Bending Machine 2020 Model

  • Easybender X2

  • Easybender XM Bender 

  • CAD Plotting Table (pen only) 


Print Finishing and Foil Blocking

  • Crosland Platen 600mm x 900mm

  • Crosland Platen 850mm x 1200mm

  • Viking Press Platen 1300mm x 900mm

  • Wohlenberg 115 Microcut Guillotine (1170mm x 1100mm)

  • Crosland TXE Foil Blocker 450mm x 320mm


Box Making


  • Autobox HP2665

  • Autobox SC164

  • Progluer 3000