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Sustainably Sourced Timber


Our wood is supplied from sustainable and well-managed forest management units.

We source all our wood from a Timber Trade Federation member. This guarantees that all our imported timber products are sourced in line with the applicable legislation of the country of origin and from suppliers and forest management units that have the longevity of the forests and their ecosystems in mind. 


Paper and Card

All of the corrugated card that we use for boxes contains recycled material. The standard single wall boxes that we supply in brown are made from board containing 76% recycled material. The remainder is obtained from responsible, well managed FSC Certified sources. 

100% of our paper and card waste is recycled or re-purposed.  Much of our waste card goes straight into the shredded packing material that we manufacture on site to be used again. Any remaining material is sorted and recycled. 


All of the off-cuts from die making are sent to the local metal recycling facilities to be melted down and reused. We also recycle all of our personal drinks cans too! 


We recycle our drinks bottles and personal food waste as much as we can by providing special recycling bins for our staff to reduce landfill. We also buy our milk from a local dairy - saving over 700 plastic bottles a year.

Tree Planting Commitment

As part of our commitment to sustainability we participate in the One Tree Planted program.

We plant 85 trees every month to help combat deforestation in areas around the world that desperately need more trees. 

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